• Body care

    Body care (8)

    Enjoy the benefits of soothing aloe vera and marvelous care of brilliant olive with body care line of Biolyn. Enriched with plant extracts, herbs that cleanse the skin and wonderfully moisturizing ingredients of the Mediterranean, it provide a unique experience for the body keeping the skin wonderfully soft and revitalized.
  • Hair Care

    Hair Care (5)

    Tied, free, curly, straight or silky soft. Whatever is your style, hair care range of Biolyn enriches your hair with wonderful ingredients such as organic aloe vera and olive oil, moisturizes and protects, giving your hair a natural shine.
  • Skin Care

    Skin Care (11)

    Honoring the abundance of nature and using modern scientific knowledge, the range of natural ingredients such as aloe vera, olive, pomegranate, hippophaes, grapes are included in the skin care products of Biolyn to enhance your natural beauty.
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